Keeping Relationships Intact

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Its a sad fact that infidelity has been around for as long as monogamous relationships have. And in the modern world where most households have at least one computer, infidelity seems to take new forms for communication. A person no longer needs to arrange illicit meetings in whispered voices over the telephone; they can simply send an email or talk on instant messenger. Cheating has never been easier, and it seems that the more advanced technology becomes the more advanced the method of cheating also becomes.

But people thinking about conducting a cyber affair should stop and think again. While technology is making it easier for them to carry on behind their partners backs, it is also making it easier for their partners to either catch them in the act or check up on them to see if they have suspicions. And with remote access software becoming more readily available and popular, they dont even have to be in front of the computer, or even in the same house, in order to snoop.

These days, if a suspicious partner wants to check up on something, or someone, all they have to do is install remote desktop software on the computer in order to investigate at their leisure. And while some people make sure that they delete internet history or chat-logs before signing off, what they dont realize is that at the same time they are talking or writing illicit emails to someone they shouldnt be, their partner can be watching too and reading word for word whats being said.

While some people may see this as an infringement on their rights to privacy, there are others who look at it as nothing more than a partners right to know about intimate matters necessary to the relationship. It has been said that the minute there is a need to set up a secret or special email address, or if there is an unwillingness to share passwords with partners, then there is a potential problem that should be uncovered and dealt with.

While that should not mean that a persons privacy shouldnt be respected, it could mean that levels of trust are obviously an issue within the relationship. And even though privacy should always be respected, respect has to be built on trust. If it is impossible to trust the person you share your life with, then how are you ever supposed to respect them?
By using PC remote access, some people are finding that they can nip certain trust issues in the bud by confronting their partners about what they have uncovered or discovered. If this should be the case at the very onset of any suspicions, then there is more likelihood that the relationship can be saved, built upon and grow even stronger than it perhaps was before. There is no denying that using these methods to uncover the truth about a relationship should be the last port of call, but if everything else has been tried then there really isnt much to lose.
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Keeping Relationships Intact

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This article was published on 2010/11/05