Relationships - Creating Powerful Synergy

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The quality of our relationship largely determines the quality of our lives. If we re in a relationship where the prevalent conditions are warm affection and mutual understanding, our whole life tends to be balanced. But when our relationship is rocky our whole life tends to be same.

How can we create better synergy between ourselves and our partners? How can we grow deeper in understanding and affection with our partners as time goes by?

One way is by discovering more about your partner. Of course with the passage of time we always discover more about people close to us. Sometimes what we discover may be pleasant, at other times we're better of not knowing at all. What counts is that rather than allowing time and chance dictate our discoveries we must consciously decide to invest quality time and effort in knowing and deeply understanding our partners.

We must do this, not in spirit of searching for skeletons, but with a view to making our relationship richer, deeper and more satisfying.

Another way to create better synergy is to up our passion levels. Fact is we cannot run indefinitely with our initial level of passion and feeling for our partner. We need to find a way to recharge this passion as it grows dim with the passage of time.

One way to do this is to plan your vacation around your partner. The more you both engage in activities that bring fun, release and excitement into your lives, the better the level of understanding between you both.

You should also learn to sacrifice more for your partner. Most of us are held back from releasing all our love and affection on any particular person. Our fear of future rejection is so strong that we bottle up a lot our emotions in the name of staying clear of pain and hurt. Nothing kills faster than this. To live more is to love more and give more.

You need to learn to sacrifice more whether it will or will not be appreciated. Truth is you'll become a better person for it. And for the most part, when your partner perceives the strength of your dedication, it always evokes an even greater commitment from them.

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Relationships - Creating Powerful Synergy

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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