The Narcissist Partner - 7 Signs Your Partner Could Be a Narcissist

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Relationships have challenges due to the fact that two different people with different personalities, histories, and thought processes are trying to live in harmony. With good communication and effort, two emotionally balanced people can forge a relationship that is mutually happy, loving, and fulfilling. However, there are certain people who possess a type of mental "hard wiring" that causes them to think and behave in ways very different from most of the rest of us. Unfortunately, these character traits are usually very destructive to their interpersonal relationships. Narcissism is one of these hard wired personality disorders that results in hurtful, damaging behavior that can be almost incomprehensible to the healthier partner. Here are 7 signs that your partner could be a narcissist:

1. Lacking empathy. A narcissist cannot put him or herself in someone else's shoes emotionally, and this leads to actions which are callous and self serving.

2. An overblown sense of self worth. This is an inflated sense of self that exaggerates accomplishments and fancies itself on a higher or superior level to others. He or she may expect to associate with special people and institutions.

3. A sense of entitlement to special or preferential treatment. He or she might expect to be placed first, given special accommodation, and generally recognized above others.

4. A willingness to exploit others, despite the consequences.

5. A strong need for excessive amounts of admiration from others. This craving can be satisfied n different ways depending on the person - sexual conquests or academic acknowledgment are two examples.

6. Idealized thinking. Your partner might think in terms of ideal beauty, power, and love. You yourself might be put up on a pedestal and idealized, until you cease to give the narcissist what he or she wants and you can be utterly devalued and discarded, with little in between.

7. Frequent jealousy over the accomplishments of others. Your partner might get very jealous and feel threatened should anyone take the "spotlight" away from him or her.

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The Narcissist Partner - 7 Signs Your Partner Could Be a Narcissist

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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