Three Simple Tips to Help Save a Marriage

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Saving a marriage is not rocket science. It can be done with very simple and effective tips that need no elaboration or tutorials. In fact these tips can be called as simple common-sense. But the irony of the story is the fact that nobody will still want to try these simple steps to save marriage just because they don't want to try it.

Let us talk about such 3 simple tips to save marriage. At the end of the discussion you will find that none of it required any additional effort.

Stop Arguing- The first tip is the simplest of all. Just stop arguing. It is observed that most often differences start at small arguments. There are instances where you partner would say something that you would want to argue upon, or probably correct. But just let it go. Don't react at all. There is nothing to loose and it is always wise to loose a discussion than to loose your partner. It is often seen that when one partner starts to let things roll off the back, the other follows suit.

Arguments can be on small and unimportant things. What was the color of the dress that you wore about 8 months back in a party could be a reason for the argument. But is it really that important? Let your partner win the argument and let him/her establish the fact that you were wearing a blue dress, when you knew that you wore a red one. What is more important here is to help save marriage rather than winning an argument.

It is often surprising that most of the times when you are trying hard and working on something, your partner would also be working at it. You don't realize it initially but gradually you will see the efforts being put in by your partner.

Start Dating again- Sounds crazy, right? It indeed is crazy. You have to keep everything fresh always if you are enjoy the flavor and aroma of it. Similar is the case with a marriage. In order to make a marriage fruitful, you need to ensure that you keep it fresh.

Dating can help you do that. You might not actually be dating or, going on a date, but set things up in such a way that you and your partner are going for a date. This helps creating a new approach to your relationship - an approach as if it is new. This is very important to help save marriage.

Get the predictability out of your marriage. Surprise your partner with a special night. Also be prepared to reschedule it in case your partner is unable to spare time for it, instead of getting annoyed. Pump some freshness into the relationship.

Love your partner their way- We are all crazy of doing things our way and when somebody does something for us, our way - we feel all the more important and happier. Same is the case with any relationship.

Love your partner the way he/she wants to be loved. We all have our own ways of loving. But what is more important is to love your loved ones the way they want to be loved. For some, giving them your woollen jacket in a cold night, might be the best way of loving. For someone else, it could just be a tight hug. There are others who feel that saying "I Love You" is how you love. Understand how your partner wants to be loved and love them their way and this would help save marriage.

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Relationships are valued only when you are on the verge of loosing someone very dear. But why should you wait to value your loved ones till you loose them. Simple tips and techniques are more than enough to save relationships on the verge of breakup. Learn such simple tips here.

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Three Simple Tips to Help Save a Marriage

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This article was published on 2010/03/31
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