Ways to Fix Relationship - Here's How to Fix a Relationship Thats on the Verge of a Break Up!

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There are ways to fix relationship that many of us across the world don't know about. There are three important aspects that get taken for granted in our relationships. We take for granted how attractive our partner is to us physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Our partner isn't sexy to us so we neglect them, our partner doesn't like to talk with us so we ignore them, and our partner doesn't open up and let us in so we don't talk about how we feel with them either. These are three of hundreds of other reasons why break ups happen and why so many of us are desperate to fix our relationships.

We forget how funny, cute, charming and how interesting our partner can be to talk to, and because of this we neglect them. Taking for granted how long they'll stay with us and tolerate the lack of change in the relationship.

The last thing we want to hear is our partner breaking up with us saying "I think we both know this isn't working out..." or "I found someone else, it's just that we don't have that much in common anymore..." Its painful to hear those words as they sit us down on the couch and ease us into the break up.

Lets be honest here, breaking up with someone we've been in a relationship with can hurt like hell. Its like you'd rather feel the pain of losing a foot than to feel the pain of break up with someone you were in love with. If you want to learn ways to fix relationship before you switch from relationship to friendship, the first thing way is to show your partner your ability to change.

Aside from cheating, the number reason for why break ups happen is the lack of change in the relationship. Whether the relationship is just getting boring, one partner is neglecting the other or just lashing out at each other, one partner needs to be able to change for the better if necessary to fix the relationship.

If the relationship is getting boring, change it by being more spontaneous. Do things that make your partner think "He never did this for me before..." or "Wow, she thought to do that for me..." Just do things that change up the day to day routine you and your partner seem to have everyday.

Just like elderly people can choose to act either old or full of life, we too can make the choice to change for the better and make our relationships fun and full of life. This is one of the best ways to fix relationship.

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Ways to Fix Relationship - Here's How to Fix a Relationship Thats on the Verge of a Break Up!

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This article was published on 2011/01/03
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