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A relationship is an integral part of a common person's life. For many of the individuals relations begin very early in life and for some very late in life. The main aim is to make most of them till they last. In a successful relationship, partners know each other through and through and can observe changes in mood, behaviour, work etc.

However, sometimes partners tend to take to weird behaviour of some kind for numerous reasons. One of them being that there lack of interest in life commonly known as mid-life crisis. Another could be depression or sometimes maybe an act of escapism from mental trauma due to problems in various spheres of life.

One of the weird routes taken by a partner is there sudden interest to buy ostentatious things like cars, clothes, gadgets and sometimes even carrying a gaudy look. An incident of a wife entering her house one day and sees her forty five year old husband open the door in a spiky hairstyle, loose shirt with a hanging tie with Bermuda shorts.

Though one shouldn't judge people on the basis of their appearance this was something indigestible. Another incident is of a wife who as soon turned fifty wanted to change her name and opt for a rhetorical funeral so as to influence her rebirth.

Sometimes, a partner tends to behave in a strange manner because of lack of money or perhaps an excess of it. In cases of lack of money the partner may become edgy and irritable on certain issues and may even deprive his/her partner of the basic necessities of life. He/she may taunt on each and every expense and may continuously crib about their situations. Contrastingly, in situations of excess money a partner may go on a shopping spree and spend money on items of no particular use. These sprees may last for a long time till a person realizes his/her mistake.

Another weird thing in a partner is that when they are in a problem they tend to consult and take advice from every person possible except for their own partners. They tend to share with friends, family, colleagues and even an unknown but forget that their very own partner is there for help and support. This behaviour sometimes leads to the demise of a relationship. An abrupt change in conscience that is sudden development of any kind of complex is enough to categorize a partner in the strange category. One must not continue this attitude for long as it may lead to problems in a relationship.

Lastly, fetishes which are liked by a majority of people are very uncomfortable for people at both sides. While some fetishes are sober some are very wild in nature. Common fetishes are toe-playing or bathing with a rubber duck in the tub. Some wild fetishes are bondage, baby pretence or even oral sex does not go down well with one's partners.

Thus it is importance to keep a check on your partner's behaviour for improving the strength of a relationship.



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This article was published on 2010/12/20
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